Friday, July 12, 2013

Give Blood Texas!

Give Blood. Get Warped. 

An idea is often defined as a thought or something that is conjured up in the brain and usually put into action. This is exactly what Music Saves Lives had, an idea. And, a great idea at that! The simple concept of connecting the music and entertainment to life-saving community action. The primary goal of Music Saves Lives is to strengthen the community by empowering the youth using music and entertainment to get the message out encouraging participation and commitment to action. Summer is flying by and it is already the beginning of July. However, this is not the time to slip into a summer daze. Dig out your calendars from underneath that stack of forgotten papers and see when you last donated blood. Luckily for you, the month of July is the perfect time to donate! Music Saves Lives has partnered with Carter BloodCare to encourage donations during the critical summer months. When you give blood between now and July 31 with Carter BloodCare, you can win tickets to experience the VANS Warped Tour live. Here’s how: Donate at a Donor Center or select mobile blood drive in July under SPON051841 and receive a VIP voucher. The first 100 donors at our table August 2 at the VANS Warped Tour will receive a VIP Experience (does not include general admission ticket). Give at a Donor Center or select mobile blood drive in June or July under SPON051841 and you’ll automatically be entered to win general admission tickets. There will be one winner every day throughout July. When you donate at select Music Saves Lives drives, you’ll be entered to win VIP Experience Packages – including general admission tickets! Billy the Kid, Bowling for Soup, Crown the Empire, Driver Friendly, Hawthorne Heights, are just a few of many bands to play at VANS Warped Tour in Dallas. Check out the band lineup here. There are three ways to win, but only one way to enter. Give blood this summer, save a life and rock out. Visit for more information. Also, be sure to follow Carter BloodCare on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date with our promotions.

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